David Smart

15 pages


Control your X10 modules with your mbed
Procedure for creating your own soft font for use with the RA8875 display driver library.
A baseboard that more closely fits embedded needs. Jumpers for flexible configuration to the hardware, screw terminals for secure connections. A rugged and compact design.
A very brief intro to CAN.
An LPC1768 mbed baseboard designed for power monitoring applications.
Construction notes, tips, and a guide for putting this board together.
This is a simple bridge board that straddles the mbed module on baseboards that are designed with two rows of pins.
This is a concept for a simple CEC interface using the mbed. CEC is the low speed communications protocol carried on HDMI cables, and could let you monitor and control ...
Shows a simple use of the SmartBoard to drive an H-Bridge for a motor.
A simple embeddable command line interface for your program.
My attempts to gain USB Serial port access to the mbed via Win2K.