SmartBoard Baseboard Kit

December 2019

I usually round up to the next 10 when I need more PCBs - so regularly have a few spares available here as a convenience. If you are interested, contact me via private email. Note that nominal shipping costs are not included in the estimated price (e.g. 2 SmartBoards fit in a plain envelope).

KitDescriptionContentsE-DeliveryEstimated Price
ASmartBoard BaseboardBare PCBBOM and Assembly Documents (1)$15
W1SmartBoard WiflyBare PCBBOM, and Assembly Documents (1)$5

(1) Bill of Materials (BOM) downloaded from this site, Detailed assembly document via private email.

2 comments on SmartBoard Baseboard Kit:

07 Jul 2014


I am interested in purchasing a SmartBoard Baseboard Bare Kit A. How to you handle the transaction?


Tom Doyle

19 Jan 2015

Send me a private email, and we'll see what we can arrange.

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