Dependents of Watchdog

A dependent is a program or library which makes use of this library.

A simple CAN adapter that supports two channels of CAN on the mbed. Configurable speed, monitor mode, statistics and send/receive via the USB serial port to a PC (or terminal … bridge, CAN, canbus, Serial
A porting of a GPS decoding and presenting program within the mbos RTOS. It is not a definitive application but a study program to test NMEA full decoding library and … GPS, mbos, NMEA, rtos
Code for autonomous ground vehicle, Data Bus, 3rd place winner in 2012 Sparkfun AVC. navigation, robomagellan, robot, Robotics
右側のほうのセンサLPC1114FN28 fumiya版
CatPot for defence on RoboCup in 2015 winter
Code for autonomous rover for Sparkfun AVC. DataBus won 3rd in 2012 and the same code was used on Troubled Child, a 1986 Jeep Grand Wagoneer to win 1st in … avc, rover
Watt Eye has a simple purpose - monitor pulses that comes from the home electric meter, measure the interval between the pulses and compute the real-time energy being consumed, broadcast …
X10 Server - IOT device to leverage a collection of old X10 devices for home automation and lighting control. Automation, home, X10
Software over the Air (wired in this case) update. This program demonstrates the SW Update library.
An example demonstrating SSDP Discovery and a companion Web Server. Example Program, SSDP Server, web server