David Smart

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  • CANQueue2

    CAN Queue mechanism permitting creation and management of CAN messages through a queueing

    CAN, Queue
    Last updated: 30 Aug 2019 1 0
  • NWSWeather

    A class to gather weather data from an NWS server.

    Last updated: 18 Aug 2019 21 6
  • RA8875_L

    Updated standard library

    Last updated: 28 Jul 2019 181 2
  • Mbed 2 deprecated

    Software over the Air (wired in this case) update. This program demonstrates the SW Update library.

    Last updated: 14 Jul 2019 4 49
  • HTTPClient

    Fixed custom headers and Basic authorization, added support for redirection, functional file download interface can be used for SW updates and more.

    authorization, client, custom, headers, http, HTTPClient
    Last updated: 14 Jul 2019 50 247
  • Mbed 2 deprecated

    X10 Server - IOT device to leverage a collection of old X10 devices for home automation and lighting control.

    Automation, home, X10
    Last updated: 04 Mar 2019 13 0
  • Mbed 2 deprecated

    Watt Eye has a simple purpose - monitor pulses that comes from the home electric meter, measure the interval between the pulses and compute the real-time energy being consumed, broadcast …

    Last updated: 02 Mar 2019 5 52
  • SW_HTTPServer

    A simple web server that can be bound to either the EthernetInterface or the WiflyInterface.

    Dynamic, ethernet, http, pages, server, static, Web, WiFly
    Last updated: 27 Feb 2019 61 148
  • WiflyInterface

    MODIFIED from mbed official WiflyInterface (interface for Roving Networks Wifly modules). Numerous performance and reliability improvements (see the detailed documentation). Also, tracking changes in mbed official version to retain functional …

    ethernet, tcp/ip, WiFly, WiflyInterface
    Last updated: 23 Dec 2018 79 206
  • EthernetInterface

    FUNCTIONAL Update from mbed v49: Add APIs for setName/getName so device is name addressible. Also APIs for getting link stats. Also, minor derivative to reduce compiler warnings and tag read-only …

    ethernet, ip, mbed
    Last updated: 03 Jul 2018 57 10