David Smart

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  • TimeManagement

    This is a library for managing the mbed real time clock, including functions for setting and getting the rtc in text format, getting and setting the timezone offset, and getting …

    calibration, clock, real, RTC, time, timezone
    Last updated: 02 Nov 2011 7 921
  • Watchdog

    This provides a basic Watchdog service, and includes a startup detection to determine if the reset was caused by the WD.

    Last updated: 16 Mar 2015 7 759
  • Mbed 2 deprecated

    Simple demo for the Raio RA8875 Based Display with a 4-wire SPI interface.

    LCD, RA8875, SPI, TFT, WQVGA
    Last updated: 29 Mar 2020 22 745
  • Mbed 2 deprecated

    A simple CAN adapter that supports two channels of CAN on the mbed. Configurable speed, monitor mode, statistics and send/receive via the USB serial port to a PC (or terminal …

    bridge, CAN, canbus, Serial
    Last updated: 02 Nov 2011 2 649
  • RA8875

    Library to control a Graphics TFT connected to 4-wire SPI - revised for the Raio RA8875 Display Controller.

    display, graphic, LCD, QVGA, RA8875, TFT, Touch Screen, WQVGA, WVGA
    Last updated: 05 Apr 2021 210 363
  • Mbed 2 deprecated

    A sample program demonstrating a small but powerful web server using the Wifly module. This uses several libraries from others, but has a custom version of the WiflyInterface library, with …

    Dynamic, form, get, pages, post, server, static, Web, WiFly
    Last updated: 02 Feb 2015 39 329
  • HTTPClient

    Fixed custom headers and Basic authorization, added support for redirection, functional file download interface can be used for SW updates and more.

    authorization, client, custom, headers, http, HTTPClient
    Last updated: 14 Jul 2019 50 252
  • WiflyInterface

    MODIFIED from mbed official WiflyInterface (interface for Roving Networks Wifly modules). Numerous performance and reliability improvements (see the detailed documentation). Also, tracking changes in mbed official version to retain functional …

    ethernet, tcp/ip, WiFly, WiflyInterface
    Last updated: 23 Dec 2018 79 206
  • TimeInterface

    A time interface class. This class replicates the normal time functions, but goes a couple of steps further. mbed library 82 and prior has a defective gmtime function. Also, this …

    Last updated: 13 Sep 2020 34 191
  • CommandProcessor

    The CommandProcessor is the interface to install a run-time menu into an embedded system.

    CommandProcessor, Embedded, interactive, menu
    Last updated: 08 Nov 2012 18 160