Chris’s public repositories

Example for the RCSwitch Library. In receive mode, this will receive messages from the remote and decide which protocol has been used for transmission. In transmit mode, this will cycle ...
Library to switch 433MHz remote controlled sockets.
Port of the Arduino based Plotclock, initial commit untested.
Space invaders with a nRF2401A wireless joypad
A wireless accelerometer based joypad using FRDM-KL25Z for the Gameduino based space invaders.
Hello world example for the nRF2401A Library
Library for the nRF2401A Transceiver
Invaders game for the Gameduino
Template for Gameduino software
Sprite control demo for the Gameduino
Split screen graphics demo for the Gameduino
Spinning dna graphics demo for the Gameduino
White noise demo for the Gameduino
Scroll demo for the Gameduino
Screen shot demo and test program for the Gameduino
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