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I've overlooked the section in the handbook relating to CAN communication between lpc1768.

I am just wondering if it is possible to use CAN on say nrf51822 or kl25z?

If not i am also wondering what other possible ways are there in communicating read/writing data between two MCU without a host pc.

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Hello Andrea,

I'm afraid neither of the two devices have a CAN peripheral.

Two MCU's could talk to each other over a number of interfaces, if they are on the same PCB,( or will be in the final design ), I2C, SPI or serial could be used. If they are on separate PCBs, or even separate devices, you could chose CAN, serial, Ethernet or even USB. most of these require an external transceiver IC to cope with the noise from going between boards.

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Accepted Answer

Of those serial is normally the best bet if performance isn't critical. It's not the fastest or most efficient but has the advantage of being easy to listen in on from a PC, a very useful ability when debugging problems related to communications between two devices. Ethernet is faster and also easy to listen in on but the software complexities are massive in comparison to serial.

posted by Andy A 20 Jan 2015

Thanks a lot for the options and help!

posted by Andrea Corrado 20 Jan 2015