Dependents of PokittoLib

A dependent is a program or library which makes use of this library.

Yet Another Tic Tac Toe for Pokitto game, Pokitto, Tic Tac Toe
A simple test for streaming map data from the SD card on the Pokitto. Pokitto
Single player circular pong concept demo. Pokitto
Some snow based on a C64 BASIC routine
Christmas pokitto game Christmas, game, Pokitto
Grid-based Pokitto game that challenges the player to deploy ships and then destroy the hidden ships of the computer.
A very impressive direct-to-screen sprites demonstration by Hanski using new graphics functionality developed by him
A great PuzzleAction game originally by Aphrodite and Ported to Pokitto by Catsfolly
Yet Another Tic Tac Toe by HomineLudens
Smart car platform driven by Pokitto
Pokitto turn based strategy game.
my first pokitto code.
Use a Wii classic controller with Pokitto
gameboy printer
Hi This my first little game in Pokitto. Im a fresh in C++ So, Wishing your advise!!!!!
test buttons of pokitto
Test the Synth sound functions of Pokitto
Maximum sound animation test for Pokitto. BE CAREFUL, it is loud. You can also test buttons.
Asterocks by Yoda. Ported from Gamebuino to Pokito by Jonne using automated parser.
Great puzzle game by STUDIOCRAFTAPPS. Originally for Gamebuino, ported via automatic parser by Jonne
This is a basic example how to draw a bitmap on Pokitto screen
Blinky example (blinking a LED) by Pharap
Arcade classics by epicdude312
This is a simple demo on how to read Pokitto buttons
Implementation of Bytebeat algorithm on Pokitto. Bytebeat is generated music which is made by algorithm using usually one line function. The music is created as 8-bit samples. The simplest Bytebeat … bytebeat, Pokitto, sound
Great game by Aurelién Rodot for Gamebuin. Ported by Jonne
Great Gamebuino game by AJSB. Ported to Pokitto by Jonne using automatic parser
Spinal's Mode13 (256 color buffered mode) demo. Palette rotation is still not working
Mode15 demo program (220x176x16 colors)
An exciting survival game with random terrain by Jonne
Raytracing demonstration for Pokitto
Classic 15 puzzle game, Pokitto
A WIP Roguelike game by Adekto, VonBednat, Trelemar and Wuuff made for CGAJam in spring 2017
A mandelbrot renderer for the pokitto.
Armageddon - a missile commad clone by Wuuff, originally for Gamebuino. Conversion by Jonne
Suomeksi kommentoitu ohjelma, joka piirtää ympyröitä Finnish language commented example program that draws circles
New pokittolib with improved volume controls & better button handling
Kahden pelaajan "Minibiljardi"
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