Michael Walker

Oundle, United Kingdom

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  • OS 2

    Test of the Nucleo boards standby mode. sleep() and deepsleep() use the STM32 SLEEP and STOP modes. This uses the 3rd low power mode STANDBY. Utilises the WakeUp code here: ...

    Last updated: 07 May 2016 2 124
  • RPCInterface

    Library to provide a mechanism to make it easier to add RPC to custom code by using RPCFunction and RPCVariable objects. Also includes a class to receive and process RPC ...

    Last updated: 14 Mar 2016 11 5552
  • RTC_MCP7940M

    Code to interface with the MCP7940 Real time clock. Supports getting and setting the time in 24 hour format

    Last updated: 02 Oct 2015 3 45
  • scp1000-D01

    SCP1000-D01 MEMS pressure sensor library

    Last updated: 05 Oct 2010 5 78
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