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  • Mbed 2 deprecated

    Test of the Nucleo boards standby mode. sleep() and deepsleep() use the STM32 SLEEP and STOP modes. This uses the 3rd low power mode STANDBY. Utilises the WakeUp code here: …

    Last updated: 07 May 2016 2 173
  • RPCInterface

    Library to provide a mechanism to make it easier to add RPC to custom code by using RPCFunction and RPCVariable objects. Also includes a class to receive and process RPC …

    Last updated: 14 Mar 2016 11 5826
  • RTC_MCP7940M

    Code to interface with the MCP7940 Real time clock. Supports getting and setting the time in 24 hour format

    Last updated: 02 Oct 2015 3 56
  • scp1000-D01

    SCP1000-D01 MEMS pressure sensor library

    Last updated: 05 Oct 2010 5 79
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