Dependents of MMA8451Q

A dependent is a program or library which makes use of this library.

Demo program for using MMA8451Q double tap detection and responding to associated interrupt on the FRDM KL25Z board interrupt, KL25z, Tap detect
Program using Touch plane and accelerometer of FRDM-KL25Z board FRDM-KL25Z
simple data logger
added gy80 dcm
USB mouse example for KL25 Freedom board. KL25
midi device enerates tones according freedom rotation
Program using Touch Sensor and PWM function. This code set a value of brightness in RGB led using Touch Sensor like a slider. The begining of touch is used to … Dimmer, led, rgb, touch
tried out the sensor board by mbed EVK, XTRINSIC
キャタピラ用 test_test
accelerometer example
Simple midi controller for Freedom KL25 board which generates tone (midi signal) according X-axis accelerometer. Modulation wheel is controlled by Y-axis and pitch wheel is controlled by touch slider
Accelerometro + LCD
acelerometro de la FL25Z
Combinación de color de los led en base a la posición de la tarjeta
Acelerómetro integrado en la tarjeta, se visualiza las coordenadas X, Y y Z en una pantalla LCD 16x2.
Acelerómetro: This program shows the coordinate axis (X,Y,Z) when you move the card FRDM KL25Z in all the directions
Using on board MMA8451Q on FRK25 FRK25, MMA8451Q
Serial output for sensors on FRDM-KL46Z kl46z, sensor, Serial
KL25Z board with HC-06 bluetooth module try out FRDM-KL25Z, HC-06
FRDM-KL46Z pinmap is different from KL25Z FRDM, kl46z
By Michael Wasko and Haoran Xiao
it is a program reading sensor data and sending back to host
2014_winter_EE202A_HM1_UCLA Author:Yujing Qian and Tianlei Tang
reads the sensor data
Rewrite the NokiaLCD lib by using the SWSPI lib in order to fit in with the 9 bits SPI mode of KL46Z. KL25z, kl46z, NokiaLCD
The LEDs flashes faster, depending on the inclination of the sensor. Accelerometer: MMA8451Q kl46z, MMA8451Q
KL46 Accelerometer + Magnetometer, with 3-axis calibration. Readout through OpenSDA CDC.
Sensor reporting over USB CDC
akcelerometr i czujnik swiatla
M2X demo using the Freescale FRDM-KL46Z and Multitech Socketmodem MTSMS-H5
Sample code for a FRDM-KL46Z device that can read accelerometer data and then post it to the M2X platform. For use with AT&T DevLab.
Aida Pločo Tarik Demirović
Pajić Enil, Irma Jakić