Dependents of C027

A dependent is a program or library which makes use of this library.

LCD example program using mbed apps board or apps shield
Buzzer example for mbed apps board or shield
Example using sensors from the mbed apps board or shield
Simple test for USSD message.
USSDTest, working with SARA-G350 on C027 C027, G350, SARA, ussd
NTPClientTest, working with SARA-G350 on C027 C027, G350, NTP, SARA
Unit tests for SmartRest
Test u-blox C027, nodejs, socketio on heroku C027, heroku, nodejs, socketio, WebSocket
Test C027 with Xively and Ethernet C027, ethernet, IOT
SmartREST client reference implementation for the u-blox C027 mbed compatible device. C027, mbed, u-blox
CQ出版 Interface 2014年10月号のC027(MAX7-Q)GPSテスト記事のプログラム。 CQ publishing Interface 2014.10 issue, C027 GPS(MAX-7Q) test program. C027, CQ publishing, GPS, u-blox
Fragt mithilfe des u-blox c027 über den CAN-Bus den Status der Batterieladung eines Think City Elektroautos ab und informiert per SMS den Halter. Bitte vor der ersten Verwendung die Handynummer … can bus, think city