Dependents of mbed-rpc

A dependent is a program or library which makes use of this library.

RPC Serial for Sonar Range Sensor rpc, Serial, sonar
HTTP RPC Server mit vordefinierten Objekten
Serial RPC(Remote Procedure Call) with RTOS Support.
RPC over HTTP example.
RaheeNew nonblocking
Library to provide a mechanism to make it easier to add RPC to custom code by using RPCFunction and RPCVariable objects. Also includes a class to receive and process RPC … rpc
A demonstration of RPC object instantiation.
RobT's fork of RPCInterface
Change to wifi AP mode. SSID "GR-PEACH_1", PSK "12345"
Make sandwich by moving servos to dispense ingredients via RPC calls.
This is the final version of Mini Gateway for Automation and Security desgined for Renesas GR Peach Design Contest
Implementation of AFE4404 in mbed and C#
With this code you will be able to blink LED1 when you push a graphical button. I use RPC and RTOS librairies on Mbed LPC1768. On python I use mbedRPC, … blink, python, rpc, Serial, Tkinter
Sample web camera program for GR-PEACH
Renesas GR PEACH Contest 2017
RPC over HTTP to control mbed application
traffic light controller with RPC over http interrupter controller, http, interrupt, rpc, traffic_light