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Firmware LPC1114FN28


This instruction explain how to update your firmware.

1. Entering to the ISP mode
While holding down the small button with "ISP" silk, plug the USB connector. When the mbed LPC1114FN28 is plugged in this way, it will appear as a disk called "CRP DISABLED". When you see the drive, you can release the button.

2. Trash the old firmware
Open the "CRP DISABLED" drive, so you can find a file called "firmware.bin". Please trash this old firmware.

3. Copy the new one
Please Drag&Drop the downloaded latest firmware into the "CRP DISABLED" drive. After that, do eject operation like usual USB flash stick.

4. Power cycling
Unplug the USB cable and wait about 5 seconds. After that, please plug it again. At this time, you don't need to press the "ISP" button.
"MBED" drive will be shown. You can use mbed LPC1114FN28 as usual.

On OS X, you can not process this with finder. You need to do with terminal like below.

rm /volumes/CRP\ DISABLD/firmware.bin
cp /Users/$USER/Downloads/lpc11u35_ssci1114_if_crc.bin /volumes/CRP\ DISABLD/
sudo umount /volumes/CRP\ DISABLD/

Linux case:
We don't provide support about Linux and other Unix OS.

rm /media/CRP\ DISABLD/firmware.bin
dd bs=1024 conv=nocreat,notrunc if=~/lpc11u35_ssci1114_if_crc.bin of=/media/CRP\ DISABLD/firmware.bin
umount /media/CRP\ DISABLD/firmware.bin

Interface Firmware

Current release:
Download build 20160812
- Built from refactored firmware (DAPLink).

- CMSIS-DAP debug interface support.
- minor bug fixes.
- Update disk format and emulation for Mac Yosemite
- CDC and HID endpoints don't disconnect when programming via MSC drag 'n drop
- Only erase sectors in target flash that are needed for the new program
- New details text file for information about the version and build
- CMSIS-DAP debug interface doesn't work on this version
- Fixed: flash algorithm erased only sector 0.
- Fixed: USB stack and RTOS were in race conditions when using CDC and MSC at the same time.
- First release.

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