X_NUCLEO_NFC02A1 library for M24LR

Dependencies:   ST_INTERFACES

Dependents:   HelloWorld_NFC02A1_mbedOS HelloWorld_NFC02A1laatste HelloWorld_NFC02A1

Fork of X_NUCLEO_NFC02A1 by ST Expansion SW Team

X-NUCLEO-NFC02A1 Dynamic NFC Tag Expansion Board Firmware Package


This firmware package includes Components Device Drivers, Board Support Package and example applications for STMicroelectronics X-NUCLEO-NFC02A1 Dynamic NFC Tag Expansion Board based on M24LR.

Firmware Library

Class X_NUCLEO_NFC02A1 is intended to represent the Dynamic NFC Tag Expansion Board with the same name.
It provides an API to access to the M24LR component and to the three onboard LEDs.
It is intentionally implemented as a singleton because only one X_NUCLEO_NFC02A1 at a time might be deployed in a HW component stack.
The library also provides an implementation of the NDEF library API for M24LR, providing an simple way to read/write NDEF formatted messages from/to the M24LR dynamic NFC tag.

Example application

Hello World is a simple application to program and read an URI from the NFC tag.