Class Module for MMA845x I2C Accelerometer.

Dependents:   mDotEVBM2X MTDOT-EVBDemo-DRH MTDOT-BOX-EVB-Factory-Firmware-LIB-108 MTDOT-UDKDemo_Senet ... more

Fork of MMA845x by Sam Grove

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MMA845x.h File Reference

MMA845x.h File Reference

Device driver - MMA845x 3-axis accelerometer IC. More...

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Data Structures

class  MMA845x_DATA
 Using the Sparkfun SEN-10955. More...
class  MMA845x
 API abstraction for the MMA845x 3-axis accelerometer IC initial version will be polling only. More...

Detailed Description

Device driver - MMA845x 3-axis accelerometer IC.

Tim Barr
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