Class Module for MMA845x I2C Accelerometer.

Dependents:   mDotEVBM2X MTDOT-EVBDemo-DRH MTDOT-BOX-EVB-Factory-Firmware-LIB-108 MTDOT-UDKDemo_Senet ... more

Fork of MMA845x by Sam Grove

Auto generated API documentation and code listings for MMA845x


MMA845x API abstraction for the MMA845x 3-axis accelerometer IC initial version will be polling only
MMA845x_DATA Using the Sparkfun SEN-10955


MMA845x.cpp [code] Device driver - MMA845X 3-axis accelerometer IC W/RTOS support
MMA845x.h [code] Device driver - MMA845x 3-axis accelerometer IC