MultiTech mDot Box/EVB

The MTDOT-BOX/EVB provides Long Range RF LoRa end-point functionality without the need for heavy configuration or embedded design skills.

The MultiConnect® mDot™ Box/EVB is an ARM® mbed programmable Long Range RF LoRa end-point device that allows customers a fast and cost-effective means to validate LoRa IoT applications. The device features built-in sensors that display temperature, ambient light, pressure, elevation and accelerometer information. The device also contains a Multi Connect mDot. Two versions are available: 1) the Box that encloses the electronics in a plastic chassis and 2) the EVB that is a developer-board only. The Box also comes with GPS. The mDotBox removes the need for heavy configuration or embedded design skills, making it much easier and faster to evaluate and bring LoRa IoT applications to market. The mDotBox operates on the unlicensed spectrum wireless technology for the 915 MHz ISM band in the United States and Canada and 868 MHz in Europe.

User Interface

  • 2 User Programmable LEDs
  • 2 User Programmable Push Buttons
  • Power (for EVB via USB or battery, for BOX via battery only)
  • Access to SWD programming interface on MTDOT
  • Graphic LCD Display with LED backlight capability
  • Optional 12 pin header containing the following signals (EVB only):
    • 2 buffered GPIO with USART capability
    • 4 buffered GPIO with SPI Interface capability
    • Buffered I2C Interface
    • 1 unbuffered GPIO with Analog to Digital Converter input capability
    • Power and Ground pins

Factory Firmware

The factory firmware for the MTDOT-BOX and MTDOT-EVB is available in binary form from our developer site. It is also available as source code on our Git server and here on mbed (see below).

Import programMTDOT-BOX-EVB-Factory-Firmware

Factory firmware for the MultiTech Dotbox (MTDOT-BOX) and EVB (MTDOT-EVB) products.

mDot Library

The MTDOT-BOX/EVB uses the MultiTech libmDot library for LoRa communication.

Import librarylibmDot

Library for LoRa communication using MultiTech MDOT.

A changelog for the mDot library can be found here.

Technical References

General Technical References

ST-LINK/V2 firmware upgrade

  • For best performance, make sure the ST-LINK/V2 firmware on your UDK2/MDK is upgraded to the latest version. Follow this LINK for details. While the page is called "Nucleo Firmware" it is applicable to the UDK2/MDK as well.