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mDot Box Factory Firmware not sending survey data

I think there is a Survey mode bug in the current Box Factory Image (both binary and git repo) causing survey data to never get sent.

I am not seeing survey data being sent (only link check requests) when running either the released binary or a build of the git code. I found in the code that survey data is only sent if _send_data flag is nonzero. The _send_data flag is initialized to the value of mDot->getStartUpMode(), which by default is COMMAND(0).

In survey start() I added code to set startup mode to SERIAL(1) and as a result survey packets are now being sent.

Here is running fw build info: ATI MultiTech mDot Firmware: 2.0.0-mbed Library : 0.0.9-1-ge7286ba

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The MTDOT-BOX/EVB provides Long Range RF LoRa end-point functionality without the need for heavy configuration or embedded design skills.

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AT command AT+DATA=1 and AT&W will enable and send the data in survey mode.

It is default to off by design.

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Thanks for the quick response!

posted by canuck lehead 04 May 2016