Interrupt on I2S

28 Jun 2010

I try to get working aic23 sound chip, but canot get working interupt.

// Turn on I2S interrupts in NVIC
// rx int, rx depth 4, tx depth 4
LPC_I2S->I2SIRQ = (1<<0) | (4<<8) | (4<<16);

and later :

void I2S_IRQHandler(void){


with scope check that all are corect.

29 Jun 2010 . Edited: 29 Jun 2010

Make sure you declare the handler as extern "C", otherwise linker won't see it.

29 Jun 2010

Hi Maris,

Igor is correct. The handler needs to be defined with C linkage:

extern "C" void I2S_IRQHandler(void){ ... }
I'd be very interested to hear how you get on with this device, and any feedback/recommendations. We've been looking for an I2S chip to use as we want to recreate Billy Bass as a reusable cookbook example, but want to improve the audio section for HQ audio. This chip look like it could fit the bill, so it'd be great to hear if it does the job.

Good luck!