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Implementation of USB Host for mbed 1768 which can access USB flash drives. See notebook page for details.
Fork of Adam Green's library with .cpp fix for current compiler
73x726 signed char lookup table, fits completely in the Flash (LPC1768) See http://mbed.org/forum/helloworld/topic/2617/ for discussion
Experimental HTTPClient with proxy support
Quick and dirty port of scmRTOS demo to mbed 1768. scmRTOS is a small RTOS written using C++. Offers (static) processes, critical sections, mutexes, messages, channels.
JTAG pinout detector
Fast GPIO using C++ templates. Now with port I/O.
NXP's driver library for LPC17xx, ported to mbed's online compiler. Not tested! I had to fix a lot of warings and found a couple of pretty obvious bugs, so the ...
code_red's port of EasyWeb server for LPC1768, made to compile with mbed's online compiler.
A demo program for DOGL-128 LCD module. Based on Mike Sheldon's 3D Tie Fighter demo.
mbed port of FFT routines from STM32 DSP library and Ivan Mellen's implementation. Tested on LPC2368 mbed but should work on 1768 too (original code was written for Cortex-M3)
A class and a demo program to use with the DC-SS504 board from SureElectronics which uses MMC2120MG magnetometer from Memsic. The program glows leds depending on the direction it is ...
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