rules for using mbed's USB Vendor ID?

05 Nov 2012

First, apologies for the newbie question. Can someone point me to the policy concerning the use of mbed's USB Vendor ID in a commercial product? Also, which library file contains the VID and PID should I want to change them? Thanks in advance for any info!

07 Nov 2012

Hi David,

Very nice to hear about a USB commercial product!

I am afraid that you cannot use the default VID/PID from the USB device stack for a commercial product. VID are owned by the vendor company and are assigned and maintained by USB-IF. Visit for more information on USB-IF membership and obtaining a VID. PID are assigned by each vendor as they see fit. Once you have a VID, you can assign any PID you like, as there will be no conflict amongst different vendor devices.

So once you have your VID/PID, you can use them just by changing them in the constructor of each USBdevice. For instance, let's say that you are using USBMouse:

USBMouse mouse(REL_MOUSE, your_VID, your_PID, your_product_release);

Out of curiosity, what are you building ?!

Hope that helps Sam

11 Nov 2012

Sam, thanks for the info about VID/PID usage. I knew about and all, but was hoping to avoid having to spend $4000 on my own VID. Some chip companies (TI for sure and possibly Microchip as well) will let you use their VID if you register with them. I was hoping NXP/mbed also had such a policy but alas, apparently this is not so the case.

The device is a novel MIDI product - and top secret! ;)


11 Nov 2012

Hi David,

We'll look in to it and see if there is any way we can help.


11 Nov 2012

NXP has a program to get free PIDs under their VID:

12 Nov 2012

But that is only available for the LPC11Uxx.

Has anyone thought about getting a PID from

12 Nov 2012

Thanks to everyone who sent replies. The NXP program Igor indicated is exactly what I'm looking for! Paul, that MCS thing looks a little sketchy, and if NXP is willing to let me use their VID for free for three products, I figure I can reserve a little $$ from each unit to finance my own VID for the fourth product! Thanks again!

Best, DC

08 Jan 2013

Hi David,

I was jsut googling for a few VID/PID related things, and found your original post, and also this.

Might be exactly what you're after?

Thanks, Chris

02 Dec 2013

Hello, I received recently 3 Product Ids from nxp (usb-vip-pid program as mentioned above). Took a while (2 months) to get an answer, but this will let me start a small production until I make enough money to buy my own PID (5k$ now !) Thanks to NXP ! regards PP

04 Dec 2013

Thank you for posting that Philippe. I've just applied and was wondering about the lead time.


22 Feb 2014

Hello I m facing a similar problem, so I wanted to ask which Mbed you are using. Can I get VID/PID for mbed NXP LPC1768?

Thank you in advance, Debby