4Dsystems µOLED-96-G1 Serial display program

17 Dec 2010

Does anyone have any example programing code and librays for this small OLED display?

19 Dec 2010

You could look at the 4DGL library found here: http://mbed.org/users/Kerpower/libraries/4DGL/lgfx2p It should work as the 4D systems serial commands are universal in their products

19 Dec 2010

I have published an mbed library for the 4D Systems uOLED-160-G1 here: /users/sblair/libraries/OLED160G1/ljokdo, with a simple driver program here: /users/sblair/programs/OLED-Driver/ljn4xs. This should work for the 96-G1 version - although you would need to change the rows() and columns() functions.

21 Dec 2010

I changed the x & y values and it works fine. My problem is getting started to initalise the display as with other peripheral devices I have, using parts of code from you guys helps immensley. I'm new to c++ making a transition from BASIC of years ago. Many thanks for your help Steven.

29 Oct 2012

Hi there, do you guys know how to use the command printf with the uoled-96-g1 library?? I need to use this command and it doesn't seem to work... Thanks

20 Apr 2013

Hi Renato, Tidying up my questions, Not sure if you have resolved your problem but the Library does work using the printf cammand. I use this all the time. Regards. Paul