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Implementing RTC enables Mbed OS to keep track of the current time. The standard library time keeping functions, such as time, use it.


Defined behavior

  • The function rtc_init is safe to call repeatedly.
  • RTC accuracy is at least 10%.
  • Init/free doesn't stop RTC from counting.
  • Software reset doesn't stop RTC from counting.
  • Sleep modes don't stop RTC from counting.
  • Shutdown mode doesn't stop RTC from counting.

Undefined behavior

  • Calling any function other than rtc_init before the initialization of the RTC.


Watch out for these common trouble areas when implementing this API:

  • Incorrect overflow handling.
  • Glitches due to ripple counter.


Hardware RTC capabilities.

Implementing the RTC API

You can find the API and specification for the RTC API in the following header file:

To enable RTC support in Mbed OS, add the RTC label in the device_has option of the target's section in the targets.json file.


The Mbed OS HAL provides a set of conformance tests for RTC. You can use these tests to validate the correctness of your implementation. To run the RTC HAL tests, use the following command:

mbed test -t <toolchain> -m <target> -n "tests-mbed_hal-rtc*"

You can read more about the test cases:

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