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The network socket API - new device

The NetworkSocketAPI is designed to make porting new devices as easy as possible and only requires a handful of methods for a minimal implementation.

A new device must implement a NetworkInterface, with the naming convention of DeviceInterface - where Device is a unique name that represents the device or network processor.

The DeviceInterface should also inherit one of the following (unless it is an abstract device):

The NetworkInterface implementation provides the following methods:

    /** Get the internally stored IP address
    /return     IP address of the interface or null if not yet connected
    virtual const char *get_ip_address() = 0;

    /** Get the stack this interface is bound to
    /return     The stack this interface is bound to or null if not yet connected
    virtual NetworkStack * get_stack(void) = 0;

    /** Free NetworkInterface resources
    virtual ~NetworkInterface() {};
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