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Implementing the MPU API enables Mbed OS to provide better security by preventing code execution and code modification where it shouldn't be allowed.


Defined behavior

  • The function mbed_mpu_init is safe to call repeatedly.
  • The function mbed_mpu_free disables MPU protection.
  • Execution from RAM results in a fault when execute never is enabled. This RAM includes heap, stack, data and zero init.
  • Writing to ROM results in a fault when write never is enabled.

Undefined behavior

  • Calling any function other than mbed_mpu_init before the initialization of the MPU.


Hardware MPU capabilities.

Implementing the MPU API

You can find the API and specification for the MPU API in the following header file:

To enable MPU support in Mbed OS, add the MPU label in the device_has option of the target's section in the targets.json file.

Targets with a standard ARMv7-M or ARMv8-M MPU, indicated by __MPU_PRESENT being defined to 1 in the target's CMSIS header, only need the MPU label in the device_has for MPU support. This pulls in a common Mbed OS MPU driver, so you don't need a target-specific driver.

Targets with a standard ARMv7-M or ARMv8-M MPU needing to override the common Mbed OS MPU driver can do so by defining MBED_MPU_CUSTOM. This removes the common Mbed OS MPU driver from builds, so you can use a target-specific one, instead.


The Mbed OS HAL provides a set of conformance tests for the MPU API. You can use these tests to validate the correctness of your implementation. To run the MPU HAL tests, use the following command:

mbed test -t <toolchain> -m <target> -n "tests-mbed_hal-mpu*"

You can read more about the test cases:

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