A new Windows installer for mbed CLI

Windows installer for mbed CLI

As some of you are aware, we provide a command line tool called mbed CLI for mbed OS. mbed CLI allows you to carry out actions such as creating, importing, publishing, and building projects. Typically, you might want to use this if you're looking for a lightweight way of working with mbed OS outside of a GUI.

To make life easier for Windows users we've just released an installer, which handles the dependencies necessary for using mbed CLI, such as Python, GCC, Mercurial, Git, and the mbed Serial Driver.

Download the mbed CLI installer for Windows

To report bugs or issues for mbed CLI, or the installer, please raise them in the mbed CLI GitHub repository.


Once installed, just use "mbed" in cmd. Here are the currently available commands in mbed CLI which follow "mbed":

new        Create new mbed program or library
import     Import program from URL
add        Add library from URL
remove     Remove library
deploy     Find and add missing libraries
publish    Publish program or library
update     Update to branch, tag, revision or latest
sync       Synchronize library references
ls         View dependency tree
status     Show version control status

compile    Compile code using the mbed build tools
test       Find, build and run tests
export     Generate an IDE project
detect     Detect connected mbed targets/boards

config     Tool configuration
target     Set or get default target
toolchain  Set or get default toolchain

More information

You can find more information on mbed CLI and the CLI installer in our documentation.

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