Mbed OS 5.10.3 released

We are pleased to announce the Mbed OS 5.10.3 release is now available. This is the latest patch release based on the feature set that Mbed OS 5.10 introduces.


In this release we have continued to focus on improving our documentation.

We now have support for FUTURE_SEQUANA devices.

We have fixed the following reported issues:

  • Low power ticker wrapper layer still used when suspended
  • Error occurs when building exported mbed-os programs on e2studio
  • CMake exported build fails with multiple source arguments
  • ATHandler::consume_to_tag method doesn't detect tags in some cases
  • UBLOX_EVK_ODIN_W2 does not pass Greentea testcase WIFI-CONNECT

The ODIN drivers have been updated to v3.5.0 RC1. This brings:

  • BLE Cordio Stack Ported for ODIN_W2
  • Updated ODIN drivers for BLE cordio

We have also added:

  • QSPI support for KL82Z and K82F
  • Bootloader support for DISCO_F769NI
  • TRNG support for STM32F407VG
  • Bootloader support for DISCO_F413ZH and NUCLEO_F413ZH

There are also a number of other fixes and code improvements.

For full details of this and previous releases, please visit our releases page.

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