mbed application shield on sale!

Following the success of the mbed application board, the mbed application shield is now available!


The first stockists to go live is Cool Components in the UK, with others set to follow suit.

Cool Components wrote:

This is a peripherals shield - principally designed for mbed development boards with an Arduino form factor, it can actually be used with *any* development board with an Arduino form factor! The shield includes an Xbee socket, a small speaker, a 3 axis accelerometer, a joystick, and LCD display and other stuff! Because the shield has a good range of input / output devices on it, it's great for an educational environment Code to use the shield with mbed devices is available at mbed.org.

The shield is supported by various example programs that can be used straight out the box, all published on its Component Database page, as with the application board interesting new applications will soon start appearing!

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