mbed OS 5.5.1 released

We are pleased to announce the mbed OS 5.5.1 release is now available.

This release includes a fix for a critical issue found in mbed-os-5.5.0:

  • 4584: Introduction of RTX/CMSIS 5 has broken semaphone signalling.

The issue has been fixed by reverting the behaviour back to how it was in RTX/CMSIS 4.

The release also includes support for CM3DS_MPS2 and DISCO_L475VG_IOT01A targets, an update to the u-blox ODIN-W2 driver binaries and a number of bug fixes to improve the stability of the tools and codebase.

Here is a full list of all changes and fixes in this release...

Ports for Upcoming Targets

  • 4414: Enable CM3DS_MPS2 target
  • 4242: DISCO_L475VG_IOT01A : Add new target

Known issues

  • 4605: Timing tests are unstable on the ARM_BEETLE_SOC

Fixes and Changes

  • 4545: Filter support with a white list of post-bin hooks in uvision
  • 4544: Export static files from mbed export
  • 4542: Issue#4528 K82F: Move the UART clock inititialization to board specif
  • 4530: Enable verbose builds when running example build tests
  • 4516: Check for correct library naming in Travis CI
  • 4510: u-blox rearrange ODIN target
  • 4502: STM32: serial: clear Overrun flag if it is set when checking if readable
  • 4562: fatfs: Fixed initialization of block device in mount/unmount functions
  • 4504: greentea: Add reporting of reserved heap
  • 4554: Fix NUCLEO_L476RG linker scripts
  • 4563: Increase background stack size to fix overflow
  • 4364: Add C API for Greentea client
  • 4540: Support app config option for export
  • 4541: Fix a bug in print_large_string
  • 4579: RTOS: Fix semaphore
  • 4444: resolve lwip init twice issue
  • 4523: Check Ethernet before including lwipopts_conf.h
  • 4337: Platform support for new CellularInterface in UBLOX_C027 and UBLOX_C030_U201.
  • 4567: Updated u-blox ODIN-W2 driver binaries to 2.1 rc1

Using the release

You can fetch the mbed OS 5.5.1 release from the mbed-os GitHub repository, using the tag "mbed-os-5.5.1". Please feel free to ask any questions or provide feedback on this release here, or to contact us at support@mbed.org.