mbed OS 5.4.7 released

We are pleased to announce the mbed OS 5.4.7 release is now available. This release includes a flash api and iar exporter for nRF52840 plus a number of bug fixes to improve the stability of the code base.

Here is a full list of all changes and fixes in this release.

Ports for Upcoming Targets

Fixes and Changes

  • 4284: LWIP random library and TCP sequence number improvements
  • 4334: Revert partially "Remove Cortex A support from CMSIS/RTOS"
  • 4395: Allow generic core exports to UVision
  • 4282: Flash api nRF52840
  • 4383: #4354 Fix MOTE_L152RC GPIO Write
  • 4382: Update cmain.S license
  • 4332: Fix for blockwise observation failure
  • 4303: enable iar exporter for nRF52840
  • 4324: STM32F3: Remove dependence upon a specific flash vector table location
  • 4393: race tests: fix conditional check for MBED_RTOS_SINGLE_THREAD being defined
  • 4368: MTS_DRAGONFLY_F411RE/MTS_MDOT_F411RE: add IAR to post_binary_hook toolchains
  • 4455: mbed-coap fixes

Using the release

You can fetch the mbed OS 5.4.7 release from the mbed-os GitHub repository, using the tag "mbed-os-5.4.7". Please feel free to ask any questions or provide feedback on this release here, or to contact us at support@mbed.org.

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