mbed OS 5.4.4 released

We are pleased to announce the mbed OS 5.4.4 release is now available. This release includes a reworking of the internal ADC channels code for numerous STM boards, a new callback API for CAN, support for the bootloader and FlashIAP for NUC472/M453, plus numerous core software and tools bug fixes to improve and further stabilise the codebase.

Here is a full list of all changes and fixes in this release...

Known Issues


Ports for Upcoming Targets


Fixes and Changes

  • 4008: [NUC472/M453] Support Bootloader and FlashIAP
  • 4102: Add SCL and SDA defs for I2C[0-2]; redefine I2C_[SCL,SDA] to I2C2
  • 4106: Fix a scoping typo in toolchains
  • 4118: STM32F4 Internal ADC channels rework
  • 4126: STM32F4 : remove SERIAL_TX and SERIAL_RX from available pins
  • 4069: Update gnuarmeclipse to preprocess linker scripts
  • 4107: Allow configuration of artifact name in app config
  • 4122: Fixed compiler warning in mbed_retarget.cpp
  • 4123: Updated CAN to new Callback API
  • 4148: Revert "STM32F4 Internal ADC channels rework"
  • 4152: STM32F4 Internal ADC channels rework
  • 4074: [Silicon Labs] Update pinout
  • 4133: U-BLOX_C030: Default XTAL is now 12MHz onboard. Option to use Debug 8MHz
  • 4141: Fix mbed_board.c compiler warning
  • 4168: Generate GNU ARM Eclipse .mbedignore file with jinja2
  • 4170: Fix include paths for Windows builds
  • 4173: Fix Traceback in CMSIS export.
  • 4142: EFM32: Fixed `pwmout_all_inactive` being inversed
  • 3888: tools: add new examples
  • 4016: [NRF5]: fix rtc overflow-while-set-timestamp issue
  • 4031: STM32 increase IAR heap size for big RAM targets
  • 4129: Removing old filesystem test
  • 4137: MCUXpresso: Update ARM linker files to eliminate reserving RAM for stack & heap
  • 4150: Move config system into it's own folder and refactor header generation
  • 4171: Fix typo in LPCExpresso exporter template
  • 4172: Fail IAR exports without linker scirpts with NotSupportedException
  • 4176: STM32L4 Internal ADC channels rework
  • 4184: events: Remove strict-aliasing warning
  • 4192: Fix gcc [-Wsign-compare] warning
  • 4154: STM32F7 Internal ADC channels rework
  • 4174: [NRF52840]: fix rtc overflow-while-set-timestamp issue
  • 4180: [UBLOX_C030] create target hierarchy for the specific versions of the C030 board
  • 4153: STM32F2: Internal ADC channels rework

Using the release

You can fetch the mbed OS 5.4.4 release from the mbed-os GitHub repository, using the tag "mbed-os-5.4.4". Please feel free to ask any questions or provide feedback on this release here, or to contact us at support@mbed.org.

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