mbed OS 5.3.5 Release Available

We are pleased to announce the mbed OS 5.3.5 release is now available.

Here is a full list of all changes and fixes in this release.

Fixes and Changes

  • 3432: Target STM USBHOST support
  • 3181: NUCLEO_F207ZG extending PeripheralPins.c: all available alternate functions can be used now
  • 3624: Fix Stack stats by running the test command with "-DMBED_HEAP_STATS_ENABLED=1"
  • 3626: NUCLEO_F412ZG : Add USB Device +Host
  • 3628: Fix warnings
  • 3629: STM32: L0 LL layer
  • 3632: IDE Export support for platform VK_RZ_A1H
  • 3642: Missing IRQ pin fix for platform VK_RZ_A1H
  • 3653: Adding fatal error detection to toolchains
  • 3661: [Exporters] Add core to uvision exporter template
  • 3664: Fix ncs36510 sleep definitions
  • 3655: [STM32F4] Modify folder structure
  • 3657: [STM32L4] Modify folder structure
  • 3658: [STM32F3] Modify folder structure
  • 3685: STM32: I2C: reset state machine
  • 3689: Updated to allow for new directory structure for mbed-dev source.
  • 3718: Fixing uvisor defines to fix build issues
  • 3692: uVisor: Standardize available legacy heap and stack
  • 3621: Fix for #2884, LPC824: export to LPCXpresso, target running with wron
  • 3649: [STM32F7] Modify folder structure
  • 3669: Adding case insensitive 'error' detection
  • 3695: Enforce device_name is valid in targets.json
  • 3717: Add IAR export support for NUCLEO_F207ZG
  • 3723: NCS36510: spi_format function bug fix
  • 3727: Fix access before variable defined bug in test_api
  • 3708: [NUC472/M453] Fix USB EP setting error in USBAudio

Using the release

You can fetch the mbed OS 5.3.5 release from the mbed-os GitHub repository, using the tag "mbed-os-5.3.5". Please feel free to ask any questions or provide feedback on this release here, or to contact us at support@mbed.org.

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