mbed OS 5.1.4 Release Available

We are pleased to announce the mbed OS 5.1.4 release is now available.

This release includes many minor enhancements and fixes, adds some target HAL ports in preparation for upcoming new targets (ST Disco F769NI, Delta DFBM NQ620, MTM mtconnect 04S, ST Nucleo f303ze), and some early additions for runtime heap memory tracking features we're working on that we'll share more on soon.

Here is a full list of all changes and fixes in this release...

Ports for Upcoming Targets

  • 2504: [Disco_F769NI] Added new target
  • 2654: DELTA_DFBM_NQ620 platform porting
  • 2615: [MTM_MTCONNECT04S] Added support for MTM_MTCONNECT04S
  • 2548: Nucleof303ze

Fixes and Changes

  • 2678: Fixing NCS36510 compile on Linux
  • 2657: [MAX326xx] Removed echoing of characters and carriage return
  • 2651: Use lp_timer to count time in the deepsleep tests
  • 2645: NUCLEO_F446ZE - Enable mbed5 release version
  • 2643: Fix thread self termination
  • 2634: Updated USBHost for library changes
  • 2633: Updated USBDevice to use Callback
  • 2630: Test names not dependent on disk location of root
  • 2624: CFSTORE Bugfix for realloc() moving KV area and cfstore_file_t data structures not being updated correctly
  • 2623: DISCO_L476VG - Add Serial Flow Control pins + add SERIAL_FC macro
  • 2617: STM32F2xx - Enable Serial Flow Control
  • 2613: Correctly providing directories to build_apis
  • 2607: Fix uvisor memory tracing
  • 2604: Tools - Fix fill section size variation
  • 2601: Adding ON Semiconductor copyright notice to source and header files.
  • 2597: [HAL] Fixed "intrinsic is deprecated" warnings
  • 2596: [HAL] Improve memory tracer
  • 2594: Fix TCPServer constructor
  • 2593: Add app config command line switch for test and make
  • 2589: [NUC472] Fix heap configuration error with armcc
  • 2588: Timing tests drift refactor
  • 2587: add PTEx pins as option for SPI on Hexiwear - for SD Card Interface
  • 2584: Set size of callback irq array to IrqCnt
  • 2583: github issue and PR templates
  • 2582: [GCC_CR] fix runtime hang for baremetal build
  • 2580: lwip - Add check for previously-bound socket
  • 2579: lwip - Fix handling of max sockets in socket_accept
  • 2578: Fix double free in NanostackInterface
  • 2576: Add smoke test that builds example programs with mbed-cli
  • 2575: tools-config! - Allow an empty or mal-formed config to be passed to the config system
  • 2562: Fix GCC lazy init race condition and add test
  • 2559: [utest]: Allow the linker to remove any part of utest if not used
  • 2545: Added define guards for SEQUENTIAL_FLASH_JOURNAL_MAX_LOGGED_BLOBS so
  • 2538: STM32F4xx - Add support of ADC internal channels (Temp, VRef, VBat)
  • 2521: [NUCLEO_F207ZG] Add MBED5 capability
  • 2514: Updated FlexCan and SAI SDK drivers
  • 2487: Runtime dynamic memory tracing
  • 2442: Malloc heap info
  • 2419: [STM32F1] Add asynchronous serial
  • 2393: [tools] Prevent trace-backs from incomplete args
  • 2245: Refactor export subsystem
  • 2130: stm32 : reduce number of device.h files

Using the release

You can fetch the mbed OS 5.1.4 release from the mbed-os GitHub repository, using the tag "mbed-os-5.1.4".

Please feel free to ask any questions or provide feedback on this release here, or to contact us at support@mbed.org.