mbed CLI 1.1 released

mbed-CLI 1.1


# to compile for a connected board and then flash it (program & reset).
mbed compile -t <TOOLCHAIN> -m detect -f
# or
mbed compile -t TOOLCHAIN -m auto -f

# You can also use mbed target detect to tell mbed CLI to detect the connected target
mbed compile -t <TOOLCHAIN> -f


  • Improved mbed CLI documentation (405, 419, 425, 453, 457, 463)
  • Improved mbed CLI caching feature (462). Still not enabled by default, but targeting the 1.2 release.
  • Use same python to call mbed-os tools as the one executing mbed CLI (470)
  • Added warning for when importing from a local folder instead of a repository (461)
  • Added Windows Installer documentation (441)

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