Webinar: Build with Mbed - Exploring LoRa with Mbed

On March 13th, Jan Jongboom (Developer Evangelist at Arm) and Marko Hietala (Project Manager at Etteplan) will host the "Exploring LoRa with Mbed" webinar.

This webinar will demonstrate how fast and easy it is to set-up a LoRa node with MultiConnect mDot and mbed-os, using built-in LoRa.

We will show you how to configure the MultiConnect Conduit to work as a local LoRa-server and how to pick up LoRa messages with Node-Red software installed in Conduit.

What you'll learn:

  • Basic concepts about Mbed and LoRa
  • How to set-up your own LoRa-server with MultiConnect Conduit
  • Set-up simple LoRa node which uses Mbed built-in LoRa feature
  • Create a simple temperature application and send temperatures with LoRa to your LoRa-server

Register now to secure your attendance! Sessions will be held at 9am GMT and 5pm GMT.