Whitepaper: The new Cellular IoT technology, supported by Arm

The IoT comes in many forms, widely varying in the demands on connectivity technology. Cellular IoT (CIoT) has been optimized for minimal power consumption to ensure long battery operation. The billions of CIoT devices forecasted to be deployed in the coming years, require a radical rethink to reduce the signalling loads inside the cellular networks.

Cellular IoT connectivity options bring new possibilities for application and device manufacturers, with platforms that can easily scale out for large worldwide deployments. There is a huge range of IoT solutions that offer totally different product and lifetime costs which must be considered when selecting suitable technology. For this reason, the Arm Mbed team continues to support a wide selection of different connectivity technologies in Mbed OS.

Interested in reading more about Arm's support for CIoT? Request a download link for this whitepaper!

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