Webinar: Efficient, Secure and Effortless Deployment of IoT Device Management


Come and join us on Thursday February 14th for a technical webinar covering Pelion Device Management. We will be introducing and demonstrating how device management can accelerate IoT deployment, enabling businesses to capture, keep, and utilize IoT data with peace of mind and drive operational efficiency.

Join my colleagues and I for a technical session that will talk about Pelion Device Management and how you can leverage it to manage your IoT devices.

We will explain how device management provides efficient, secures and effortless IoT management capabilities for all ranges of IoT device profiles, before introducing the multiple deployment configurations available to suit customer’s needs.

This will include a typical cloud option, an on-premises solution with cloud-like capabilities and even a hybrid option. We will finish the session with a short demonstration of the Pelion Device Management Portal.

Your presenter will be Ville-Veikko Helppi, who is a Principal Product Manager for the Internet of Things at Arm.

Please join us by signing up for the webinar today!

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