Webinar: Building a chain of trust in IoT


When discussing security in the Internet of Things (IoT), we often overlook the bigger question when deploying IoT devices, and that is the question of trust. In a market where monetization of data from devices is foremost in many business plans, the question that all too often goes unasked is: How can you trust your data, if you cannot trust your devices?

On May 25th, Jim Carver will host a "Meet the Experts" webinar, to explore the big picture of secure IoT and look at all phases of the device lifecycle that need to be addressed to complete the chain of trust.

This webinar will explore the various challenges which must be addressed in order to develop, deploy and maintain a trusted IoT device. This is a more difficult issue than many developers appreciate. All too often, the focus is on a single facet of the problem, for example communications security, while critical issues such as lifecycle maintenance are often overlooked.

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