Vodafone USB Modem : Release day approaching!

Since the public beta trial was announced back in May, we've been collaborating with the guys at Vodafone and a small group of mbed developers who were keen to experiment with this technology. After a busy time developing, testing and debugging the USB modem driver, we're almost ready to publish it.

The release is expected to happen at the end of October, and so now seems like a good time to start showing some of the things that have been happening, and the projects that have been built around the modem.


First up is a project from Dr Ashley Mills, one of the Vodafone research guys we've been working closely with.

Ashley put together this SMS feedback machine when we attended Over The Air 2012 back in June. The idea is simple. It is a Vodafone USB Modem that can receive text messages, and a thermal printer that can print them out. Publicising the number at the beginning of a presentation enables people to text questions during the presentation. This might be useful to avoid forgetting the question before the end, or to avoid having to ask a question in front of a big audience.

It worked really well, and Ashley has been using it ever since. It is a good example of the SMS receive functionality that the Vodafone USB Modem library provides being used for an application that didn't exist before.

To read more about the project, visit Ashley's notebook page on the the project.

Keep and eye out for the announcement and book mark Vodafone USB Modem Library ready for the end of October!

5 comments on Vodafone USB Modem : Release day approaching!:

18 Oct 2012

It's not just Adafruit who sell thermal printers?!

18 Oct 2012

No but that one probably did come from Adafruit, even with shipping to the UK they are cheaper than Cool Components....

19 Oct 2012

Hi Mat,

You're right, Lots of people sell thermal printers! The usual disclaimer of "Item available from other vendors" should be applied.

I don't know if Ashley even bought it from Adafruit as it happens (given that he is in the UK). However, he did use the software library they provide for it, so probably associates the printer with them because of the added value ;-)

I'm sure if there were Cool Components driver libraries for other items, I'm sure they'll become synonymous with you in the same way!

Cheers, Chris

19 Oct 2012

Hi Tom

Assuming you're in the UK, I think you're forgetting about the extras payable when you import something from abroad : VAT, customs duty, +possible brokerage charges. Even VAT added on alone will make the printer more expensive from the US than from us.

Even without these extras applied, the printer is only cheaper if you use the appalling USPS basic service. This takes 1-2 weeks and should your item go missing, it's pretty hard to find anyone who cares. If you use the next cheapest shipping option from the US, you're paying another $30!



19 Oct 2012

This is great I can see a number of applications for this. I have '3' USB Modem would be connection protocol be compatible ?



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