Silicon Labs & Power Management APIs for mbed

We are excited to announce our collaboration with Silicon Labs to bring power management APIs to mbed. The new APIs will enable mbed developers to optimize their mbed-enabled designs for the utmost energy efficiency and longer battery life.


One major benefit of the power management APIs is the ability to reduce system-level energy consumption by automatically determining and enabling the optimal sleep mode based on the MCU peripherals in use. For developers this is can help to significantly reduce the energy consumption of their IoT applications with minimal effort.

The mbed-enabled EFM32 Gecko starter kits are planned to be released in April of this year. Silicon Labs’ initial platforms supporting mbed will include 4 starter kits (Wonder Gecko, Leopard Gecko, Giant Gecko and Zero Gecko). Developers with existing EFM32 kits will be able to mbed-enable their hardware through a simple software update.

For more information check out this post by Steven Cooreman at Silicon Labs, as he discusses a real-world scenario where using theses APIs can improve current consumption.

Additional information can also be found here:

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