Scheduled downtime - August 16th

We plan to perform some site maintenance on August the 16th, starting from approximately 6pm UK time. That's 10AM New York, and 2AM Tokyo.

We expect to be unavailable for one hour. After that, the site will be available but in a read-only mode, while user accounts will be re-enabled one by one over the following hours.

Here's why

We are moving!

mbed is moving to a new datacentre in the US. This will mean:

  • A faster and more responsive mbed for the majority of our users
  • Much more capacity and room to grow
  • Better resilience and reliability

What's that about user accounts?

In order to move, we must copy all the user data (your workspace) to our new infrastructure. However, it will take several hours to copy. To avoid downtime during all of that time, we will bring the site back up in a read-only mode in the new location, and re-enable users one by one as their data is synchronised to the new site.

It will take several hours to complete every single user but if you have logged into the site within the past month, your account should be re-enabled within an hour or so.

If you try and log in and see a message saying that your account is unavailable, please try again in a few minutes.

Thanks for your understanding during this essential work, and apologies for the relatively short notice.


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16 Aug 2012

brief translation in Japanese






  • より多くの人に,より速い応答時間を
  • 今後のためのより大きいスペースを確保
  • より高い信頼性と回復能力





もしログインを試みて「アカウントがありません(your account is unavailable)」メッセージが出る場合にはしばらく後に再試行してください.


19 Aug 2012

i agree with that guy

plus, why can't you move the servers? thanks.

24 Aug 2012

Hi Bobby Brown,

I'm not sure if I've understood your question but to clarify our servers now run in the US whereas they were in the UK previously.


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