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Exciting things are happening at NXP. Last year’s merger with Freescale brought together a robust portfolio of development boards, software and tools. NXP and Freescale were the first two semiconductor companies to embrace the ARM mbed platform and we are excited about the future for ARM mbed with the new NXP! We have exciting plans for bringing mbed-based solutions to embedded developers, but the first step is to consolidate the familiar Freescale Freedom development board platforms under the NXP brand. Note, there is no impact to existing/former NXP platforms like LPCXpresso, LPC1768, LPC800 and LPC11U24 boards.

NXP Freedom Boards – Rebranding Efforts Underway

These (formerly Freescale) Freedom platforms are being rebranded to “NXP Freedom boards”, with a new company name, but the same part numbers.

Looking ahead, new NXP Freedom boards are coming to the mbed developer environment, and we look forward to announcing those as they become available. Stay tuned…

Considerations and Impacts

With the new NXP brand associations for the existing mbed Enabled Freedom boards, we want you to know that your mbed experience may be slightly impacted, but we’re doing everything we can to minimize the impact.

Here are a few things for consideration when using

  • Platform/Target Vendor - All of the Freedom platforms are now (or will be soon) associated with “NXP Semiconductors” silicon partner. When you search for a platform, be sure to look under NXP Semiconductors for your Freedom board.
  • Platform pages – Each Freedom platform page will undergo a rebranding to replace “Freescale” with “NXP” in text, images, and other contextual spaces.
  • Example Programs & Discussion Topics – Will move over to the "NXP Semiconductors" page as well.

How to Report Problems or Suggestions

If you are experiencing broken links or other issues related to these NXP Freedom platforms, please email or post in the Bugs and Suggestions forum.

We’ll Get There Together

Thanks for being an ARM mbed valued member! Your patience as we rebrand these boards is appreciated, and we look forward to providing you with great products now and in the future.

Guest Blogger: Megan Hansen, MCU Software and Tool Marketing, NXP Semiconductors

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