Mbed OS Tech Forum: Help us Shape the Future Of Mbed OS

Do you want to know more about what the Mbed team are working on? Or have an idea about how you think we can improve Mbed but aren’t sure how to engage with us? Then please read on.

Mbed OS has been so successful to-date because of you, our developer community.

The Mbed developer community is a key stakeholder in Mbed but one that until now has had relatively few avenues – the Mbed forums, GitHub, our annual developer survey – through which you can engage with the Mbed team. We’d like to improve that. The benefits of more engagement was brought into stark relief in recent months when we were busy behind the scenes moving Mbed CLI to a CMake based build system, only to discover that a team working on putting Mbed into space at Rocket Propulsion Lab at the University of Southern California had already done this. Which begged the question – why didn’t we talk about this more beforehand and then identify if there were areas where we could collaborate with the developer community?

In the last 12 months, we have been adding new features to help simplify your development experience with Arm and Mbed OS, providing more choice for you when building and deploying IoT devices. We have added examples of how to integrate Mbed with some of the most commonly used cloud services, including AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google, enhanced the experience with Arm’s Platform Security Architecture (PSA) and added more capabilities for machine learning applications. These new features have been added based on your feedback, but this is just the first step. We would like to build a closer and stronger relationship with you, who are using Mbed day in, day out to help shape the future of Mbed OS.

Beginning this Wednesday we will be running a monthly live stream, the Mbed OS Tech Forum. We’d like to use this Forum to share some of the areas we’ve been working on so you can ask us questions about what we’ve done and why; we will tell you our upcoming plans and will listen to your wants and needs. We can discuss topics that are proposed by you on areas of Mbed that we can improve or change and we’d love to give you an opportunity to showcase what you have made with Mbed OS and share what you’ve learnt in the process with the rest of the community. Watch our pilot video to hear about what you can expect during the live streams.

The Mbed OS Tech Forum will run for one hour every second Wednesday of the month at 5pm GMT/9am PT (5pm UTC). The first session will cover an introduction to the Mbed CLI 2 CMake based build system and ML support for Mbed OS. Set a reminder for this session or watch live here.

We are excited to start running these monthly live streams and hope they will be of interest to you all.

PS: We're still running the Mbed developer survey, share your feedback here

Don Garnier, Mbed OS Tech Lead

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