Mbed OS & Pelion IoT Platform at Embedded World 2019


Embedded World has arrived. The three-day event is where everyone in the embedded space gets together to see the latest innovations, meet experts and find out what’s on the horizon. Find out here, what to expect from Mbed OS and the Pelion IoT Platform at the show.

The Arm booth is in Hall 4 on Stand 4-140 where you will be able to see some of the latest innovations from Mbed OS and Pelion.

Are your buildings happy?

Take a look at our Environmental Sensing demo, which showcases how you can continually ensure that your buildings’ security and management cameras are operating with the latest machine learning model, add new capabilities or to optimise performance and security using Mbed Linux OS and Pelion IoT Platform.

Are you managing IoT Device lifecycle End-to-end?

Step through the development and management of an Arm Platform Security Architecture (PSA) Certified device from chip to cloud. See how the Mbed Studio accelerates development time, and how Pelion Device Management manages devices remotely throughout their lifecycles, including decommissioning whilst complying with PSA Certified security for complete trust from device to data.

Are you leveraging Cost-efficient eSIM orchestration?

Learn how to future proof cellular connected devices by using the Pelion Connectivity Management solution for provisioning an eSIM profile on an eUICC SIM. By being able to provision eSIM profiles over the air, businesses and OEMs can switch network provider and cellular technology over without physically removing the SIM.

If you would like to book a meeting with any of the team to find out more, complete this form.

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