Mbed Developer Survey 2019

Today we are launching the Mbed developer survey for 2019. We want to understand more about how you use Mbed, what you like, what we can make better, and what we should focus on as part of our product roadmap.

You can take the survey here.

The survey runs annually and is an important source of information for our team. It takes around 10 minutes to complete, so when you have a small amount of free time please fill it out. In return, we will be holding a prize draw for the first time for those who complete the survey. We’ll be giving away USD $100 Visa gift cards or equal value Amazon gift cards to five winners.

From previous surveys, we have made some big changes to our product roadmap, including focusing on Mbed Studio as our next-generation desktop and browser IDE. We have also prioritised adding lots more hands-on code examples to our API documentation, reworked the structure of our docs and moved the entire Online Compiler infrastructure to a far more stable platform. For mass production hardware, we have also introduced support for modules that can be built directly into your products. If you’re interested in the general results from the 2018 developer survey, you can read the writeup here. Once we have processed the results from the 2019 survey, we’ll also share them.

There are a very large number of you using Mbed professionally, and one of the things the survey helps us to do is focus on improvements that will help you get your product to market more easily. This year, several of our questions relate to this. For those of you who are academics or students, we have also tailored the questions to understand more about what we can do to support education use cases.

Thanks for taking part in the survey. Again, you can find it here.