Mbed Connect China 2018 Recap

After our first stop in San Jose, the Mbed Connect train charged ahead to Shanghai for the third edition of Mbed Connect China. With a great mix of English and Chinese speakers, live translation services, and dim sum during the breaks, this event showed that IoT is real, and Mbed is here to help you scale. If you couldn't make it to the show, this blog post will provide some highlights. If you're looking for the slides: they're here.

Also: you're not too late to register for Mbed Connect Japan (5 December) yet! Registration will open soon, so keep an eye on this space...


Lina Sun (CHINT) giving her keynote at Mbed Connect China.

Three of our speakers (Johan Stokking, Bartek Szatkowski and Neil Tan) from the US event tagged along, so we had ourselves a small roadshow. Some fifteen hours after take off in California, we set foot in the Kerry Hotel Pudong, our Mbed Connect home for the second year in a row. As this year's event was co-located with Arm Tech Symposia and thanks to the great pre-work by Elaine Su, we arrived to a fully set venue. If only every event was this easy!

Johan, Bartek and Neil covered the same topics as the week before, introducing us to LoRaWAN and The Things Network (Johan Stokking), machine learning on microcontrollers with uTensor (Neil Tan) and the past, present and future of Mbed OS (Bartek Szatkowski). A more elaborate report can be found in the last blog post.

Besides the three roadshow-warriors we were also very happy to include two local external speakers. Lina Sun showed how CHINT, an electrical company with 30,000 employees, is leveraging Mbed OS in their power meters. And Arnong Lau, founder of Movtek, held a very compelling presentation on building a hardware ecosystem and scaling your production. It was great to see companies going to scale with Mbed OS.

Gen-Tao Chiang at Mbed Connect 2018

Gen-Tao Chiang building data pipelines.

There were also some new internal faces on stage. Samuel Chiang (Arm Taiwan) showed how hackers are abusing vulnerabilities to attack IoT devices, what types of attacks are most common, and how to use Platform Security Architecture (PSA) and TrustZone for v8-M to mitigate them. Nick Zhou, our ever smiling technical consultant out of Shenzhen, then showed Arm's IoT platform and how customers leveraging various parts of Arm Pelion can help build secure devices faster.

Our last speaker of the day was Gen-Tao Chiang, one of my partners in crime in Kenya. This year he showed 'the other side of IoT', by doing a talk about data engineering. Everything from setting up a data pipeline, to scaling databases, and integrating machine learning. It's very interesting to stop thinking about devices (which we often do in IoT), and think about the data flows that actually create value out of all this data.

Gen-Tao Chiang, Jan Jongboom and Neil Tan at Mbed Connect China

With that, Mbed Connect China came to an end. We hope you had fun, learned a lot, and made some new connections, and we would love to see you back in 2019! 谢谢!


Jan Jongboom is a Developer Evangelist IoT at Arm. He is a big fan of dumplings.

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