The ARM, Avnet, and Freescale IoT World Hackathon Challenge

ARM, Avnet and Freescale are hosting a Hackathon at the IoT World Event next week (June 17-18) in Palo Alto, California at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. Our hackathon challenge is to build on from the other IoT World Hackathon Challenges that should produce some compelling consumer and environmental IoT innovations. We want our hackathon participants to think outside the box and create projects which are interoperable with other teams; where at least part of your application works with part of an application from one (or more) of the other teams.

If you are interested in participating in this event, register here. To find out more about ARM at the IoT World event, check it out here.


What to Expect:

ARM, Avnet, and Freescale are sponsoring the hardware, software, and technical assistance for our hackathon. A number of WiFi enabled Wi-Go Microcontroller + sensor platforms will be provided by Avnet. The ARM® mbed™ web IDE for embedded devices will be provided for drag-and-drop software module composition and programming of the Wi-Go modules, using mbed sensor and communication libraries.

The ARM Sensinode™ platform connects the devices to web applications using CoAP and OMA LWM2M IoT standard protocols. Standard protocols and web objects enable interoperability between sensor devices and web applications through the ARM Sensinode platform.

An example demo application will be provided to enable participants to start off with an end-to-end connection and a hackable sample application. ARM will provide technical assistance to help participants use the Wi-Go system, mbed, and the ARM Sensinode Platform. The interoperability challenge is for building applications that work with applications from other teams.

Hardware Provided by Avnet:

Avnet Wi-Go System, 7 sensors, Battery powered, WiFi

Freescale Kinetis KL25Z MCU, ARM Cortex-M0+

Software from ARM:

ARM mbed open source web IDE for embedded devices

ARM Sensinode platform connecting devices to cloud and web applications

CoAP and OMA LWM2M standard API

Hope to see you all there!

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