Introducing the Mbed OS Bluetooth integration test suite

We are pleased to announce the release of the Mbed OS Bluetooth integration test suite. It is available on Github.

Internally, we use this set of tools to validate new features integrated into the Mbed BLE APIs, and the new Bluetooth controller port for Mbed OS. Previously we’ve been using the ancestor of the Icetea test framework which was an internal Arm framework, which prevented us releasing our integration tests as it was not open sourced.

The package has two software components:

  • ble-cliapp: An Mbed OS command line application that interactively exposes Bluetooth APIs (Gap, Gatt Client, Gatt Server and Security) over a serial port. It can run on any Mbed Enabled board with Bluetooth support.
  • test suite: Written in Python and built on pytest, it detects, flashes and executes tests with devices running ble-cliapp. The test sends commands to the device and verifies the response meet expectations. It can be extended to support new tests and to work on devices that are not running ble-cliapp.

We’re releasing the tools to improve the development experience and final quality of Bluetooth solutions based on Mbed OS.

With these tools, Mbed OS developers can easily build their own set of tests to validate their applications. Bluetooth controller vendors can also verify that their controller port works as intended, reducing the time required for a port to become part of Mbed OS.

If you want raise an issue, request a feature or contribute improvements to the Bluetooth validation suite, please submit your feedbacks and pull requests on Github.

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