Increase the quality of platform support for Mbed 6

As initially mentioned in an earlier post, we’re introducing a few changes in Mbed OS 6. It’s our priority to continue to improve the developer experience – this depends on the quality of hardware and software support of Mbed platforms and the work we’re doing with our partners on delivering the best support we can.

The Mbed Ecosystem has been growing rapidly over the past years; we’ve been working with partners on introducing many boards and this has benefited a large number of developers. As the Mbed OS 6 release is approaching soon, we believe it’s the right time to consolidate on the latest technologies and best-supported platforms for Mbed developers.

We’re working with partners to identify and retire certain platforms that fall under the following categories:

  • Not getting technical support any longer
  • Obsolete or duplicate
  • Not recommended for new designs
  • No longer available to be purchased
  • Have technical problems
  • Low usage
  • Not public

We understand that many of you will be using platforms that are going to be retired so we’d recommend where practical, you identify a new platform that meets your needs and migrate your code to that. One of the many benefits of Mbed is that code developed on one platform can be swiftly ported to another. If you are unable to migrate then the source code will still be available so you can create a fork and use that if required.

Luckily, Mbed OS has a strong ecosystem of boards that could meet your needs and we’ll keep adding new ones!

The GitHub repository for Mbed OS will be updated during the upcoming days to include platforms that are officially supported and well maintained for Mbed OS 6 onwards. The changes will be introduced under the targets folder for Mbed OS and targets.json will contain the list of supported platforms until we update our platforms website.

Developers that are looking to use or migrate platforms that won’t be officially supported nor included in the official repository of Mbed OS 6 will be able to do this by using the custom platform support configuration process using separate repositories.

We encourage anyone that’s interested in using new or not yet supported boards to post their interest in the forums and check whether partners or other developers are planning to port Mbed OS to them.

We look forward to continuing to deliver the best platform support and user experience to our developer community!

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