Improving the management of community input

We are currently working to streamline the handling of bugs, questions and enhancements to improve the visibility and responses of topics raised for discussion. Previously all bugs, questions and enhancements have been collected as Github issues which is not optimal and our aim is to improve the handling of these topics with more appropriate tools.

Forums are naturally a better place to discuss features, enhancements and questions in general and our Forum is supported by arm support team and the open community, creating a dialog and keeping a high response rate. Questions raised in the Forum are clearly recorded and allow others to find the answers quickly. In addition, our support team monitors our forums and can bring the most active topics to the attention of the right people in Arm to ensure they are captured and added to our backlog.

Bugs will continue to be recorded and managed as Github issues and by moving the questions and enhancements to the Forum means that Github issues will be dedicated to bugs. Bugs are managed by our maintainers and even though bug fixes are contributed by the community we want to make it clearer which bugs the Arm team intend to focus on as Arm is not able to fix all bugs especially in areas which are not a priority for us right now. To provide more clarity we will be labeling bugs as “open for community contribution” to highlight an issue as something that Arm does not intend to fix in the near future and to encourage contributions from the community.

Implementing these changes has an impact to issues which have already been reported and we have made the following changes to the Mbed OS Github workflow

  1. We have restricted the use of Github issues to be used only for reporting of bugs and any questions or enhancement suggestions will be managed in the Forum .
  2. The Github issue template has been modified to cover only bugs and includes a note about reporting and questions and enhancements to the Forum
  3. Any questions and enhancements which already exist as Github issues will be updated with notes of explanation and eventually closed. This will require the question or enhancement to be raised in the Forum if your question is not yet fully answered.

We’ll continue to look at how we can improve our handling of bug reports, questions and enhancements in a way that meets everyone’s needs, so if you have any suggestions beyond the current changes then please let us know.

Mbed OS maintainers